Knights of Spectaria

by Eddy

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Hey !! What Is This ???

The knights, former lords of Spectaria, are the (by and large) psychotic warriors who wander from town to town, killing everything in their path. Some people try to rationalize this, by bringing in nonexistent “chaos gods” and evil rites and rituals. In reality, there is a much simpler answer: most knights are barely intelligent enough to get a job at McDonalds. Unfortunately for the people of Spectaria, the kingdom that allows these madmen to run free, there will not be any fast-food joints for about a millennium. This means that most of them are unemployed, and spend all their time leaving death, blood, violence, blood, severed heads, blood and more blood in their wake.

Do not get the wrong idea of these Knights; some of them have the land’s best souls. Unfortunately, most of them kill hundreds by day and watch wookie porn by night. This is a story of knights mostly with a moral compass uncommon to your average merciless serial killer.

Earliest episodes are HERE


2 Responses to “Hey !! What Is This ???”

  1. KOOL! Looks good.

  2. Daemonn00b said

    Woah new site cool!

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